Feel the Tumbao...Move with the Montuno...

Come celebrate the gift of rhythm with El Rumbon - a Latin dance band from Ithaca, New York with a singular mision: to be at the center of a raging Latin dance party!

Upcoming Shows

  • September 15th - 6-8pm - La Casita
    109 Otisco St. The Lincoln Bldg, Syracuse, NY

Salsa Dance Lessons from Victor Jorrin

Victor Jorrin, instructor, has taught Latin dance at CSMA, Oasis Dance Club, Cornell University, and Wells College. Reach back to the roots of African dance and find the core of modern Afro-Cuban dance. Click here for more information (PDF).

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El Rumbon of Ithaca is:

  • Harry Aceto, Bass
  • Sammy Avila-Vargas: Vocals, Bongos, Percussion
  • Charlie Izzo: Congas, Vocal
  • Pablo Arnau: Vocals
  • Jorge Cuevas: Timbales, Vocals
  • Chad Lieberman: Piano
  • Rick Huyge: Sax, Flute, Vocals
  • Ryan Zawel: Tombone, Vocals